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Séminaire 10 Mai 2010

Accuracy of the Quantum Capacitor as a Single Electron Source

Mathias Albert Departement de Physique Theorique, Universite de Geneve, CH-1211 Geneve, Switzerland

Controllable single electron sources are at the forefront of current research on nano-scale electronics. Systems that generate quantized electrical currents, for example quantum capacitors and quantum pumps, are of great interest due to their potential applications in metrology and quantum information processing as well as in basic research on single- and few-electron physics in mesoscopic structures.

Despite the experimental and theoretical advances, the accuracy at which the quantum capacity emits electrons is still not well understood. Here we consider a conceptually simple model of a quantum capacitor and find analytically the noise spectrum as well as the full distribution of emitted electrons (full counting statistics). We find that the failure rate of the capacitor can be arbitrarily small when operated under favorable conditions. Our predictions may be tested in future experiments.