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électronique et photonique quantiques
laboratoire pierre aigrain

Mesoscopic physics

Mesoscopic Physics has given a very intuitive and efficient description of quantum conduction in terms of transmission of electronic waves. While conductance and shot noise are well understood in the stationary, or d.c. regime, the dynamical regime of quantum conductors is almost free of experimental investigations. Also exploiting quantum effects with ballistic electrons for quantum information and looking at interactions in low dimension (0-1D) are recent fields to be developed experimentally.

Created in 2000, the Mesoscopic Physics Group at LPA / ENS tackles these promising fields using original experimental approaches. The group’s aim is to answer the following questions using model clean low-dimensional quantum conductors :

- Quantum optics with electrons :

- Hybrid Quantum Circuits:

- Micro-wave quantum devices:

using new Experimental techniques. The group has several collaborations among which :

- Collaborations : LPN CNRS Marcoussis, Groupe Nano-électronique SPEC CEA Saclay

- Collaborations EU: CARDEQ