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A graphene Zener--Klein transistor cooled by a hyperbolic substrate - Yang, Wei and Berthou, Simon and Lu, Xiaobo and Wilmart, Quentin and Denis, Anne and Rosticher, Michael and Taniguchi, Takashi and Watanabe, Kenji and Fève, Gwendal and Berroir, Jean-Marc and Zhang, Guangyu and Voisin, Christophe and Baudin, Emmanuel and Plaçais, Bernard
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Observation of the frozen charge of a Kondo resonance - Desjardins, M. M. and Viennot, J. J. and Dartiailh, M. C. and Bruhat, L. E. and Delbecq, M. R. and Lee, M. and Choi, M. -S. and Cottet, A. and Kontos, T.
Nature 54571--74 (2017)
Correlated fluorescence blinking in two-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures - Xu, Weigao and Liu, Weiwei and Schmidt, Jan F. and Zhao, Weijie and Lu, Xin and Raab, Timo and Diederichs, Carole and Gao, Weibo and Seletskiy, Denis V. and Xiong, Qihua
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Condensed-matter physics: Attractive electrons from nanoengineering - Kontos, Takis
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Harnessing spin precession with dissipation - Crisan, A D and Datta, S and Viennot, J J and Delbecq, M R and Cottet, A and Kontos, T
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Hong-Ou-Mandel experiment for temporal investigation of single-electron fractionalization - Freulon, V. and Marguerite, A. and Berroir, J.-M. and Placais, B. and Cavanna, A. and Jin, Y. and Fève, G.
Nature Communications 66854 (2015)
Photon-mediated interaction between distant quantum dot circuits - Delbecq, M.R. and Bruhat, L.E. and Viennot, J.J. and Datta, S. and Cottet, A. and Kontos, T.
Nature Communications 41400-- (2013)
Separation of neutral and charge modes in one dimensional chiral edge channels - Bocquillon, Erwann and Freulon, Vincent and Berroir, Jean-Marc and Degiovanni, Pascal and Plaçais, Bernard and Cavanna, A. and Jin, Y. and Fève, Gwendal
Nature Communications 41839 (2013)
Supercollision cooling in undoped graphene - Betz, Andreas and Jhang, Sung Ho and Pallecchi, Emiliano and Ferreira, Robson and Fève, Gwendal and Berroir, Jean-Marc and Plaçais, Bernard
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All-optical wavelength shifting in a semiconductor laser using resonant nonlinearities - Madeo, Julien and Cavalie, Pierrick and R. Freeman, Joshua and Jukam, Nathan and Maysonnave, Jean and Maussang, Kenneth and E. Beere, Harvey. and A. Ritchie, David and Sirtori, Carlo and Tignon, Jerome and S. Dhillon, Sukhdeep
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All-optical wavelength shifting in a semiconductor laser using resonant nonlinearities - Madéo, Julien and Cavalié, P. and Freeman, Joshua R. and Jukam, Nathan and Maysonnave, Jean and Maussang, Kenneth and Beere, Harvey E. and Ritchie, David A. and Sirtori, Carlo and Tignon, Jérôme and Dhillon, Sukhdeep
Nature Photonics 6519 (2012)
Single electrons take the bus - Kontos, Takis
Nature 477414 (2011)
Phase seeding of a terahertz quantum cascade laser - Oustinov, Dimitri and Jukam, Nathan and Rungsawang, Rakchanok and Madéo, Julien and Barbieri, Stefano and Filloux, Pascal and Sirtori, Carlo and Marcadet, Xavier and Tignon, Jérôme and Dhillon, Sukhdeep
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Universal Resistances of the Quantum RC circuit - Mora, Christophe and Hur, Karyn Le
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Noisy Kondo impurities - Delattre, Thomas and Feuillet-Palma, Chéryl and Herrmann, Lorenz and Morfin, Pascal and Berroir, Jean-Marc and Fève, Gwendal and Plaçais, Bernard and Glattli, Christian, D.C. and Choï, M.-S. and Mora, Christophe and Kontos, Takis
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Long lifetimes of quantum dot intersublevel transitions in the terahertz range - A. Zibik, E. and Grange, Thomas and A. Carpenter, B. and E. Porter, N. and Ferreira, R. and Bastard, G. and Stehr, D. and Winnerl, S. and Helm, M. and Y. Liu, H. and S. Skolnick, M. and R. Wilson., L.
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Parametric oscillation in vertical triple microcavities - Diederichs, Carole and Tignon, Jérôme and Dasbach, Gregor and Ciuti, Cristiano and Lemaitre, Aristide and Bloch, Jacqueline and Roussignol, Philippe and Delalande, Claude
Nature 440904 (2006)
Unconventional motional narrowing in the optical spectrum of a semiconductor quantum dot - Berthelot, Alice and Favero, Ivan and Cassabois, Guillaume and Voisin, Christophe and Delalande, Claude and Roussignol, Philippe and Ferreira, Robson and Gérard, Jean-Michel
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Electric field control of spin transport - Sahoo, Sangeeta and Kontos, Takis and Furer, Jurg and Hoffmann, Christian and Graber, Matthias and Cottet, Audrey and Schonenberger, Christian
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