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Light harvesting with non covalent carbon nanotube / porphyrin compounds. - Roquelet, Cyrielle and Langlois, Benjamin and Vialla, Fabien and Garrot, Damien and Lauret, Jean-Sébastien and Voisin, Christophe
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Dopant Engineering of Inter-Subband Linewidth and Lineshape in Multiwell Heterostructures - Ndebeka-Bandou, Camille and Wacker, Andreas and Carosella, Francesca and Ferreira, Robson and Bastard, Gerald
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Importance of the localization for inter-subband scattering rates in quasi two-dimensional structures - Ndebeka-Bandou, Camille and Carosella, Francesca and Ferreira, Robson and Bastard, Gérald
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Probing dynamics of Majorana fermions in quantum impurity systems - Mora, Christophe and Hur, Karyn Le
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Bistability and nonlinear negative differential conductance in semiconductor superlattices illuminated by laser light - Meng, Fanqi and Huppert, Simon and Harmand, Jean-Christophe and Ferreira, Robson and Mangeney, Juliette
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Fractional Chern insulators beyond Laughlin states - Liu, Tianhan and Repellin, Cecile and Bernevig, B. Andrei and Regnault, Nicolas
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Monolithic microcavity with carbon nanotubes as active material - Legrand, David and Roquelet, Cyrielle and Lanty, Gaëtan and Roussignol, Philippe and Lafosse, Xavier and Bouchoule, Sophie and Deleporte, Emmanuelle and Voisin, Christophe and Lauret, Jean-Sébastien
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Long-term diversity and genome adaptation of Acinetobacter baylyi in a minimal-medium chemostat. - Jezequel, Nadia and Lagomarsino, Marco Cosentino and Heslot, Francois and Thomen, Philippe
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Identification of several propagation regimes for terahertz surface waves guided by planar Goubau lines - Gacemi, Djamal and Degiron, Aloïse and Baillergeau, Matthieu and Mangeney, Juliette
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A coherent RC circuit - Gabelli, Julien and Fève, Gwendal and Berroir, Jean-Marc and Plaçais, Bernard
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Admittance of the SU(2) and SU(4) Anderson quantum RC circuits - Filippone, Michele and Hur, Karyn Le and Mora, Christophe
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Wigner function approach to single electron coherence in quantum Hall edge channels - Ferraro, Dario and Feller, Alexandre and Ghibaudo, Arnaud and Thibierge, Etienne and Bocquillon, Erwann and Fève, Gwendal and Grenier, Charles and Degiovanni, Pascal
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Matrix product states for trial quantum Hall states - Estienne, Benoit and Papic, Z. and Regnault, Nicolas and Bernevig, B. Andrei
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