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laboratoire pierre aigrain

Seminar, December 14th 2015 (conf IV)

Nicolas Sangouard (University of Basel)
Extending entanglement to macroscopic scales

Even a quick review of scientific developments over the last 100 years reveals the enormous success of quantum theory for describing the microscopic world and the technological benefits we have gained through the better understanding of the underlying physics. These successes have settled many of the initial concerns with quantum theory but opinions still diverge on whether quantum effects, such as entanglement, can survive at any scale. After having proposed a way to quantify and to compare the size of states, I will show results of photonic experiments aiming to amplify the size of a quantum state while recording the behavior of its quantum features. These results will help us to gain insight into the role of the measurement in the quantum/classical transition and to envision novel experiments to test hypothetical theories where quantum physics is supplemented with explicit collapse models.