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laboratoire pierre aigrain

Circuits quantiques hybrides


Kelvinox Oxford MX250

We have a Kelvinox MX250 wired up with a cryogenic amplification stage (Caltech amplifier 5-11 GHz with Tn 6K). The base temperature is about 15 mK.

Cryofree Cryoconcept

We have recently bought a new dilution fridge from Cryoconcept. It is equipped with two cryogenic amplification stages (Caltech 5-11GHz) and has a base temperature of 15 mK.

Our new UHV system from Plassys

We have a new UHV system from Plassys.It has a 7 crucible e-gun, a load lock and a semi-automatic control panel. Its base pressure is in the 10-10 mbar range.