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Optique cohérente et non linéaire


Light harvesting with non covalent carbon nanotube / porphyrin compounds. - Roquelet, Cyrielle and Langlois, Benjamin and Vialla, Fabien and Garrot, Damien and Lauret, Jean-Sébastien and Voisin, Christophe
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Photoneutralization and slow capture of carriers in quantum dots probed by resonant excitation spectroscopy - Nguyen, Hai-Son and Sallen, Gregory and Abbarchi, Marco and Ferreira, Robson and Voisin, Christophe and Roussignol, Philippe and Cassabois, Guillaume and Diederichs, Carole
Physical Review B 87115305 (2013)
Excitonic homogeneous broadening in single-wall carbon nanotubes - Nguyen, D. T. and Voisin, C. and Roussignol, Ph. and Roquelet, C. and Lauret, J.S. and Cassabois, Guillaume
Chemical Physics 413102 (2013)
Monolithic microcavity with carbon nanotubes as active material - Legrand, David and Roquelet, Cyrielle and Lanty, Gaëtan and Roussignol, Philippe and Lafosse, Xavier and Bouchoule, Sophie and Deleporte, Emmanuelle and Voisin, Christophe and Lauret, Jean-Sébastien
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Optical parametric oscillation in one-dimensional microcavities - Lecomte, Thimotée and Ardizzone, Vincenzo and Abbarchi, Marco and Diederichs, Carole and Miard, Audrey and Lemaitre, Aristide and Sagnes, Isabelle and Senellart, Pascale and Bloch, Jacqueline and Delalande, Claude and Tignon, Jérôme and Roussignol, Philippe
Physical Review B 87155302 (2013)
Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes through Polymerization in Micelles: A Bridge between the Covalent and Noncovalent Methods - Clave, Guillaume and Delport, Géraud and Roquelet, Cyrielle and Lauret, Jean-Sébastien and Deleporte, Emmanuelle and Langlois, Benjamin and Vialla, Fabien and Parret, Romain and Voisin, Christophe and Roussignol, Philippe and Jousselme, Bruno and Gloter, Alexandre and Stephan, Odile and Filoramo, Arianna and Derycke, Vincent and Campidelli, Stéphane
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Formation and control of Turing patterns in a coherent quantum fluid - Ardizzone, Vincenzo and Lewandowski, Przemyslaw and Luk, Ming-Ho and Tse, Yuen-Chi and Kwong, Nai-Hang and Lücke, Andreas and Abbarchi, Marco and Baudin, Emmanuel and Galopin, Elisabeth and Bloch, Jacqueline and Lemaitre, Aristide and Leung, Pui-Tang and Roussignol, Philippe and Binder, Rolf and Tignon, Jérôme and Schumacher, Stefan
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Chirality dependence of the absorption cross-section of carbon nanotubes. - Vialla, Fabien and Roquelet, Cyrielle and Langlois, Benjamin and Delport, Géraud and Santos, Sylvia, M. and Deleporte, Emmanuelle and Roussignol, Philippe and Delalande, Claude and Voisin, Christophe and Lauret, Jean-Sébastien
Physical Review Letters 137402 (2013)