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laboratoire pierre aigrain

Seminaire, 3 Mars 2015

Frank Balestro (Institut Néel, CNRS-UJF)
Electrically driven nuclear spin resonance in a single-molecule magnet spin based transistor

The realization of a functional quantum computer is one of the most ambitious technologically goals of today’s scientists. Among the different concepts, spin based devices are very attractive since they benefit from the steady progress in nanofabrication and allow for the electrical read-out of the qubit state. In this context, a single nuclear-spin qubit, embedded in a molecular magnet spin-transistor is of great interest. The device allowed for an electrical, non-destructive read-out of the nuclear spin state[1]. Employing this property we were able to measure the real-time quantum trajectory of an isolated nuclear spin qubit[2], with a relaxation time larger than 10s. Furthermore, we demonstrated the coherent manipulation of a single nuclear spin by means of electric fields only[3], using the hyperfine Stark effect. We could measure the dephasing time of the single-nuclear spin (T2=64μs) and thus extended the potential of molecular spintronics.

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