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électronique et photonique quantiques
laboratoire pierre aigrain

Mercredi 12 Septembre 2018–13H30 –L363-365

Gangyi Xu, Key Laboratory of Infrared Imaging Materials and Detectors, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics
Photonic engineering in terahertz quantum cascade lasers

Terahertz quantum cascade lasers (THz-QCLs) are promising compact THz
source and have important applications ranging from spectroscopy,
imaging, to wireless communications. THz-QCL is also a unique platform
merging novel electronic and photonic concepts. Many photonic
microstructures – such as photonic crystals, surface plasmonic
resonators, metasurfaces, optical antennas – have been implemented to
improve the performances and to create new functionalities of the THz-QCLs.

In this seminar, I will first introduce the principle and the
state-of-the-art of the THz-QCLs. I will then present how to manipulate
the THz-QCLs by means of photonic engineering in order to purify the
lasing spectrum, tune the emission wavelength, enhance the power
extraction, shape the wave front, etc. Research activities in our lab –
to achieve high power single mode THz-QCLs – will also be presented.