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Seminar, 23 Mai 2018 (13h30 salle L 363-365)

Neil Beattie, Northumbria University, Newcastle
Intermediate band solar cells based on InAs/GaAs quantum dot arrays

Together with colleagues at Northumbria University (Newcastle, UK) we
lead the research group "Northumbria University Photovoltaics (NUPV)".
Our objective is to develop inorganic solar cells which are sustainable
and efficient for both large scale power generation but also
increasingly, distributed applications which require dynamic energy
harvesting from the operating environment. This talk will introduce our
work on Earth-abundant polycrystalline thin film solar cells made from
kesterite Cu_2 ZnSn(S,Se)_4 [1]. In addition, more detailed focus will
be given to the physics of InAs quantum dot solar cells and recent
efforts to create an intermediate band of quantum states within the
energy band gap of a GaAs p-i-n diode. Achieving this has the potential
to dramatically improve the efficiency of a solar cell by capturing
photons below the band gap and thereby increasing the photocurrent. Our
work indicates that the design of the InAs quantum dot array has a
direct impact on the nature of a possible intermediate band and directly
effects the device open circuit voltage.

[1] The role of nanoparticle inks in determining the performance of
solution processed Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 thin film solar cells (2016) Y. Qu et
al., /Prog. Photovolt: Res. Appl./*24 *836-845

[2] Quantum engineering of InAs/GaAs quantum dot based intermediate band
solar cells (2017) N. S. Beattie et al., /ACS Photonics/*4* 2745-2750

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