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laboratoire pierre aigrain

Seminar, 19 Fev 2018 (13h30 salle L 363-365)

Gerbold Menard, Center for Quantum devices, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
Imagining, designing and realizing a Majorana qubit

After years of intense research, it is now becoming clearer and clearer that Majorana quasiparticles can be found and manipulated in 1D nanowire systems [1, 2, 3]. With this first step taken it is now time to move forward and experiment with their topological properties in order to create a qubit benefiting from their so-called topological protection. In this talk I will present the work that is done at Qdev toward the realization of a topological qubit based on InAs nanowires [4]. I will describe the basic ideas behind the different designs that we tried to implement as well as the reason of the failures we have experienced and the insight we have obtained during that time. I’ll be talking about fabrication of the devices, theoretical predictions and experimental measurements in the hope of providing a full vision of the challenges we are facing.

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