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laboratoire pierre aigrain

Seminar, 28th November 2016 (13h30 Conf IV - E244)

Roman Saptsov (Institute for Theoretical Nanoelectronics, Jülich)
Exact duality for open system time-evolution and surprises in the heat current relaxation of an interacting quantum do

Recent progress in nanoelectronics has brought the experimental detection and manipulation of few-electron heat currents in nanodevices within reach. However, a straightforward theoretical calculation of the heat-current relaxation – already for the simplest model of an Anderson quantum dot – exhibits a surprising behavior. More precisely, the contribution to the heat-current relaxation arising from the decay of
the repulsive Coulomb interaction energy exhibits signatures of electron-electron attraction, and is governed by an interaction-independent decay rate [1]. The surprising behavior of the interaction-induced dissipation mode can only be understood with the help of a new duality relating the nonunitary evolution of an open
quantum system to that of dual model with inverted energies [1,2]. Deriving from the fermion-parity superselection postulate, this duality applies to a large class of open systems, allowing for new general insights beyond the quantum-dot heat-current problem presented here.

[1] J. Schulenborg, R.B. Saptsov, F. Haupt, J. Splettstoesser, M.R.
Wegewijs, Phys Rev B *93*, 081411(R) (2016)
[2] J. Vanherck, J. Schulenborg, R.B. Saptsov, J. Splettstoesser, M.R.
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