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laboratoire pierre aigrain

Seminar, March 14th 2016 (13h30-salle 235B 29 rue d’Ulm)

David Darson (Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain)
A new high dynamic low noise InfraRed camera designed and developed at LPA

Most of the signals issued from the optical responses of the nanostructures are very weak. They must be detected with a very low noise instrumentation. For a less than two decades, the 2D photonic detectors of scientific quality (CCD, CMOS etc ...) have appeared. Monochromators systems with avalanche photodiodes have then progressively been replaced, on our experimental setups, by CCD cameras (more recently CMOS and CMOS hybridized) coupled to spectrometers. Meanwhile, the wavelengths have evolved in function of responses’ objects studied and there have been a ’red shift’ of the wavelengths for few experimental setups. So, we have developed at LPA, an Infrared camera InGaAs, low noise, cooled, designed around a surprising detector from NIT (New Imaging Technologies). I will speak, during this seminar, of this camera, its design, its features and specifications, the original cohabitation between (natives) linear and logarithmic responses in the same image with, in result, an almost ’infinite dynamic’, its first results, its applications domains and finally the future very promising developments.