laboratoire pierre aigrain
électronique et photonique quantiques
laboratoire pierre aigrain

Strongly correlated and mesoscopic systems

Audrey Cottet
Christophe Mora
Nicolas Regnault

José Lebreuilly

PhD Students
Valentin Crepel
Corneliu Malciu
Tom Morel

At the mesoscopic scale, Coulomb interactions and quantum interferences play a major role, due to electronic confinement. Our purpose is to understand how these properties arise in different types of systems. We first study two dimensional electron gases, in which a strong magnetic field can cause a fractional quantum Hall effect. We also investigate the electronic transport properties of nanostructures made out of molecules (nanotubes, fullerenes, etc.) or semiconductor quantum dots. At last, we study the behavior of superconducting/ferromagnetic hybrid circuits.


- Fractional quantum hall effect

- Luttinger liquids

- Kondo effect

- Spin dependent transport

- Superconducting proximity effect.