laboratoire pierre aigrain
électronique et photonique quantiques
laboratoire pierre aigrain

Quantum optics with electrons

Jean-Marc Berroir
Erwann Bocquillon
Gwendal Fève
Bernard Plaçais

Manohar Kumar

PhD Students
Rémi Bisognin

High mobility 2D electron conductor ( GaAl/Ga(Al)As)

- Dynamics of coherent conductors : how are the Landauer-Buttiker conduction laws modified at high frequency? What is the relaxation time of a phase coherent quantum RC-circuit? What is the kinetic inductance associated with a quantum conduction channel?

- Single electron manipulation : in analogy with quantum optics, is it possible to realize a coherent single electron source, can we realize and control entanglement of two electrons and exploit it for quantum information using ballistic electron flying qu-bits?